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Photo Companion: The Gospels DVD — $299.00 $169.00

Immediate download plus DVD of more than 10,000 PowerPoint slides illustrating the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John by chapter and verse.

Pictorial Library: Israel Collection (5 vols.) — 229.99 $149.00

Volumes 1-5 on 2 DVDs; more than 6,000 images and 100 PowerPoint presentations from Galilee and the North, Samaria and the Center, Jerusalem, Judah and the Dead Sea, and Negev and the Wilderness.
Pictorial Library: Complete Collection (18 vols.) — 599.99 $389.00

Volumes 1-18 on 4 DVDs; more than 17,500 images and nearly 400 PowerPoint presentations.
American Colony & Eric Matson Collection — $189.00 $99.00

All 8 volumes of the American Colony & Eric Matson Collection (details)

To purchase individual volumes, go to the "Product Category" box (above) and select "American Colony."
The Historic Views Collection — $394.00 $199.00

All 17 volumes: The American Colony and Eric Matson Collection (8 vols.), Picturesque Palestine (4 vols.), Survey of Western Palestine, Earthly Footsteps, Jerusalem Bethany and Bethlehem, Photographs of Charles Lee Feinberg, and Views That Have Vanished.

To purchase individual volumes, go to the "Product Category" box (above) and select "Historic Views of the Holy Land."
Ultimate Teaching Set — $1,292.00 $569.00

*Everything we offer* (56% discount)

All 39 volumes: Pictorial Library of Bible Lands (18 vols), Historic Views of the Holy Land (17 vols), and Photo Companion to the Gospels (4 vols) Online Web Store: powered by eSellerate
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